My Experience of visiting Kedarnath Temple

I made the decision to travel to Kedarnath, one of India’s most recognized pilgrimage destinations, last summer as part of a spiritual quest. Although the trip to Kedarnath was difficult, it was unquestionably worthwhile.

From Dehradun, I traveled by car to Guptkashi. This trip, which was about a 200 KM drive, took us 8 hours to finish because of the tiny roads that wound through hills as well as a deep valley on the opposite side.

Guptkashi Temple(Trijuginarayan Temple)
Guptkashi Temple(Trijuginarayan Temple)

Our overnight stay was at Guptkashi. Fortunately, the sky wasn’t too cloudy. Helicopter trips for Kedarnath Darshan are offered from Sersi by Himalayan Heli services. It took us an hour to go the about 20 KM trip from our accommodation.

The steep terrain may be very dangerous, and the roadways are winding & narrow. Yet, the Himalayas’ natural splendor was spectacular, with its surrounding forests, flowing rivers, and snow-capped summits.

I was in awe of Kedarnath’s natural splendor when I eventually arrived there. At a height of 11,755 feet, where the temple of Kedarnath is situated, the mountains in the area appear to touch the sky. Among the twelve Jyotirlingas, the most sacred shrines to Lord Shiva, the temple is devoted to him and is named after him. With complex carvings and decorations from the ninth century, the temple itself is a masterpiece of ancient architecture.


I departed quite early that day to take a holy bathe in Gauri kund. There are two kunds, one just for worship and the other for swimming. Before heading to Kedarnath, we first visited Gauri Kund, where puja is performed. Following that, we went to the Gauri temple, where Lady Parvati meditated in order to meet Lord Shiva. Gauri Kund is a busy, heavily commercialized area. Every available square foot surrounding the kund has been turned into a hotel, restaurant, or dhaba.

I stayed at Kedarnath for a few days, seeing the neighborhood and getting to know the people. I went to the adjacent Bhairavnath Temple and heard about the mythology and traditions surrounding the temple. I also went to Vasuki Tal, a stunning lake at a height of 14,200 feet that is thought to be Lord Vishnu’s dwelling.

One of the Hindu Char Dham pilgrimage sites in Uttarakhand is Kedarnath. It is surrounded by breathtaking snow-capped hills and is located on the banks of the Mandakani River, approximately 3500 meters above sea level.

Aarti at Kedarnath Temple

Witnessing the twilight aarti at the Kedarnath Temple was one of the highlights of my vacation. Aarti is a ritual in which candles are lit and songs in honor of Lord Shiva are sung. I felt a strong sense of connection to the divine because the environment was filled with positive energy. A truly wonderful experience, getting to Kedarnath was. This location is very lovely!

I’ll sum up by saying that my time in Kedarnath was genuinely transforming. I reached new heights on this adventure, both physically and spiritually. I will always treasure the trip because of the location’s natural beauty as well as its religious and cultural significance.